Saturday, March 22, 2014


01. Drama (remix) (feat. Rza & Rugged Monk Of The Wu-tang Klan & C Los)
02. Choose Ya Weapon
03. Willing 2 Bang (feat. The Side Blokk Bullies)
04. Blessed (feat. Kinetic 9)
05. The Difference
06. Snitch Snatchaz (feat. Dj Dmd, Qthab, Kelbrick & Ricky Diamonds)
07. Verse (feat. Moufpiece)
08. Pot Holes&speedbumps (feat. C Los Da 86er)
09. Sizzouf (feat. Big Moe, Tite Eyez & Herb Cita)

REUPLOAD: B-HAM AKA the Righteous Rook B-HAM epitomizes the term “MC”, master of ceremonies, mic. controller, mind controller, etc… 2010 on the verge of 30 years old, has been rapping since the age of 13. Now refered to as Righteous Rook, an alias given to him by his friend/producer – “Lord Mayor” of “64Squares”. B-HAM” began his voyage into hip-hop music as a spontaneous freestyler. Rapping every line from the top of his mind, no written words, no notepad. In 1997 he performed on stage for the first time along with Lil’ KeKe and the Hearshalwood HardHeads of the Screwed Up Click. The event was actually a freestyle contest where “B-HAM” took first place amongst 12 other rappers. This was the jump start of his confidence and career as an MC. After this event a good friend encouraged him to begin writing his lyrics down and contruct actual songs. B-Ham took heed to his friends advice and started his first group, “FlipDaScrip”. Artist included life long friends and younger brother, Du-Dirty, Archie Slim, JU, and 2H. “FlipDaScrip” was the talk of the town in the late 90’s. Featuring at shows for artists such as “Juvenile” of Cash Money Records, “South Park Mexican”, “Scarface” of the Ghetto Boys, “Big Pokey”, “Three2″ and “Lil KeKe” of the Screwed Up Click, etc… “FlipDaScrip” recorded their first written/freesyle CD in 2000′ and later broke up due to creative diffrerences with their management team. In 2001′ “B-HAM” won “Down South Baddest” freestyle contest hosted by 97.9’s “Madd Hatter”. The contest featured artists from the East/West coast and many other National artists. Out of 25 contestants “B-HAM” took the prize, 2 trophies and 1,000 dollars. This event only encouraged him to keep doing what he had been doing and also pushed him to continue writing songs. At the time was offered a record deal with “WreckShop Records” wich he did not accept because of creative freedom. In 2001′ was featured on DJ DMD’S third nation wide album along with “Pimp C” of UGK from Port Arthur TX. This was B-HAM’s first feature on a nation wide album release. In 2002′ he began working with 777 inc. and formed a group known as “Hungry Lions”. A duo consisting of life long friend “Archie Slim” of “FlipDaScrip”. As the producer of 777 inc. “Lord Mayor AKA The 86er” and B-HAM began to work together aside from the group albums, they became not only partners in music but good friends. “The 86er” produced tracks that B-HAM gravitated to. Somehow the 86er had an unseen understanding of the specific sound that catered to B-HAM’s unique rapping style. Lord Mayor and B-HAM continued to make music that was so far from the norm that they both knew they were on the verge of a sound yet to be heard. Realizing this they both agreed that it was time to began working on B-HAM’s first official solo album. At this time Lord Mayor crowned B-HAM with his new alias “Righteous Rook”. At the start of the album B-HAM made connections with “Kinetic AKA Beretta 9″ of Wu-Tang’s KillArmy, Wu-Tang’s “Solomon Childs” and the Abbot of the Wu-Tang Clan, “The RZA”. The album is now titled “Chess with the Devil” and will be released mid-summer 2010′. The album features above stated Wu-Tang Clan artists, his group “64Square” artists: “Ninja One”, “Yekeriel”, “Lord Mayor”, and “Azaryah”. Production by “Lord Mayor”, and “King Midas” of Houston’s super group: “H.I.S.D.” “Chess with the Devil” is being closely observed and anticipated by The Rza of the Wu-Tang Clan, Game Tite Records and many more major record labels. If you love HipHop then you will love “B-HAM the Righteous Rook”. An artist who will never conform to the norm yet somehow keeps his fan satisfied even if they want to hear the norm.


Kim said...

Decent album! First time I heard him spit.

Kim said...

Also, interesting info on the artist on this one.

Juan Gonzalez said...

for me is 6/10