Friday, March 28, 2014

Blue Sky Black Death Presents - The Holocaust [2006]

01: Plunder
02: Twilight Zone
03: We All Are Well Known
04: What Can the Matter Be
05: God Be With You
06: Monarchs
07: No Image
08: The Ocean
09: Sinister
10: Smoking Room
11: Lady of the Birds
12: The Worst
13: Killer Moth
14: Wing to Wingfeather
15: Crash

REUPLOAD: The Holocaust is a collaborative album from American instrumental hip hop duo Blue Sky Black Death and rapper Warcloud. It was released on Babygrande Records in 2006. Blue Sky Black Death, consisting of Kingston and Young God, produce the entire project, while Holocaust (a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, also known as Warcloud) provides all vocals.


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Kim said...

Some of Holocaust's best material is on this. Good Warcloud tracks towards the end of the album is well. A bit strange to hear both styles on the same album, though. I read that Holocaust scared the hell of the production duo with his unpredictable behaviour... The beats to a lot of the songs were changed later on in the recording process to better suit the flows Holocaust used.
'What can the matter be' bangs hard!