Sunday, March 23, 2014


01. Sound of Mystery (04:18)
02. In the Hills of the Dark Land Tragic (06:00)
03. It's Not Yours (02:46)
04. Chase the Dragon (04:13)
05. Power Eye Jedi (04:50)
06. Kings (04:59)
07. Corinthians (04:25)
08. Arctic Warrior (04:37)
09. Chinese Fire Arrow (05:29)
10. Snake Spine (05:39)

REUPLOAD: Warghosts aka Bomshot and Holocaust … not what one would call mainstream artists or controversy free mc’s . In fact it’s safer to say that these two are amongst the most heavily discussed underground mc’s out there nowadays. Both are also the “love ‘em or hate em “ type of cats. Check any rap forum where these two are discussed and you get an extremely varied range of viewpoints about their styles . Bomshot comments go from “being the shit” to “being shit” while Holocaust is puked out by some as “an offbeat nutcase” and heralded as “the most underrated genius behind the mic ever” by others … 
Needless to say that when two artists like that team up to form a group, their debut will also spark up some heavy pro and anti discussions on internetville. Need proof ? Cough, I quote : “These fuckers are both possibly the worst in the game right now, and now they came together and formed a group!? you gotta be fucking with me... Horrible flows, even worse lyrics. Their mothers should have held these lames heads under the bathtub water when they were growing up.” ( file under “not that impressed by the album”) as opposed to : “This album is fantastic. I had goosebumps when I first heard some songs.” (file under “Hooked for life”) Also Holocaust’s contributions here result (business as usual) in very opposite reactions: “sorry, I can't stand Holocaust. I appreciate he's bringing a different style but it’s downright unlistenable” as opposed to “Holocaust is a Wu legend. His style is so tight u suckaz can't comprehend the skills.”
So is this group, it’s line-up and it’s debut worth all this fuss ? And who is right ??



Kim said...

I read an interview on wu-international a while back where Bomshot was told by the interviewer that there were versions of the Warghosts mixtape and album floating around on the Internet with all his verses cut out. He responded by mentioning how much his friends had told him his rhymes were better than Warclouds and that the feedback of the fans had been great. All due respect to Bomshot, but Warcloud comes off much better on these collabos than Bomshot.

Juan Gonzalez said...

I think its not a matter of competing between them, I think that they both make an explosive combination

Kim said...

I see what you mean. They definitely have different styles.