Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Buddha Monk - The Prophecy [1999]

01: Meditation Hall (Intro)
02: The Prophecy
03: Gots Like Come on Thru (feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard & Drunken Dragon)
04: Killa from the Villa
05: Art of War
06: Bang it in Ya Whip (feat. Babyface Fensta & ShaCronz)
07: Dedicated
08: Freestyle (feat. Popa Chief)
09: Spark Somebody Up
10: Buddha Monk at the Opera (skit)
11: No Frills (feat. Popa Chief)
12: Warrior Chiefs (feat. Dutch Masta Killa, Da Manchuz, Popa Chief & Shorty Shit Stain)
13: Crazy Cats
14: Life's a Scheme
15: Royal Monk (feat. Zookeeper)
16: Sometime Faces (feat. Drunken Dragon)
17: Cuts to the Gut (feat. Shorty Shit Stain & Dutch Masta Killa)
18: Eastside Story (feat. Da Manchuz)
19: Blessings of the Buddha (feat. Popa Wu)

REUPLOAD: Prophecy album for sale by Buddha Monk was released Sep 21, 1999 on the Edel America label. Personnel includes: Buddha Monk, Ol' Dirty Bastard. Vibe (11/98, p. 166) - "... Buddha does provide rap fans with a solid Shao Lin fix between releases from core Clan members." Prophecy CD music contains a single disc with 20 songs.


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Kim said...

Didn't use to like it at all, but gave it a few spins last month and was surprised at how good some of these songs were, especially the posse cuts. Don't know why I slept on this album for so long!