Tuesday, March 25, 2014


01. Meditation Hall
02. The Prophecy
03. Gots Like Come on Thru (Remix)
04. Killa from the Villa
05. Art of War
06. Bang it in Ya Whip
07. Dedicated
08. Freestyle
09. Spark Somebody Up
10. Buddha Monk at the Opera
11. No Frills
12. Warrior Chiefs
13. Crazy Cats
14. Lifes a Scheme
15. Royal Monk
16. Sometime Faces
17. Cuts to the Gut
18. East Side Story
19. Blessings of the Buddha

REUP: este album es un reisseu del The Prophecy de 1998 con alguos cambios en algunos tracks! a los que le gustaron ese album deberian revisar este check out

Buddha Monk is the 'capo regime' of the Brooklyn Zu, the crew of the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. Back in 1999 he  produced/released the now classic, hard to obtain album "The  Prophecy". Despite being a critical success, distribution was not handled properly by the label Edel America. Here is "The Prophecy" now being re-released, in this new digitally remastered 

Executive Producer: Lord Buddha Mon
A&R & Mastering: G-Clef at Foreclosure Studios, Jamaica, NY 
Originally Recorded 1998-99 

Copyright 2005 - Duck-Lo Records c/o Chambermusik Special 

Products DL-002


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Kim said...

Thanks for the info!Didn't know the releases actually had different beats, as it said in the description. I'll download and check for differences later.