Saturday, March 15, 2014


01. Child Of Mine (feat. Streetlife)
02. Watch Out (feat. Dom Pachino, Bugsy Da God & Solomon Childs)
03. Wind Blowz (feat. Dom Pachino, Bugsy Da God & Monique)
04. Way Of The Stat (feat. Crunch Lo & Trife Diesel)
05. Guaranteed War (feat. Dom Pachino & Bugotti Bomb)
06. All Praise Due (feat. Bugsy Da God)
07. Word Born

REUPLOAD: Napalm Recordings Presents: Chapel A.k.a Chap-Elz û White Men Can't Rap EP featuring Dom Pachino, and Bugsy Da God. Also features Wu-Tang affiliates Streetlife, Trife Diesel, Solomon Childs, and more.


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