Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Chapel - Complex Mind [2005]

01: State Ya B.I.
02: Step Back
03: Isolated Being (Clean Version)
04: Suicide (feat. Dom Pachino)
05: Love Tales (feat. Monique)
06: Raw Vibes
07: Nice N Brief (feat. Livewire)
08: Home of the Gritty
09: Rap Tactics (feat. V.A.D.)
10: Reppin' the Grain (feat. Shamrock)
11: Isolated Being (Dirty Version)
12: Thuggin' it Out (feat. Trom & Livewire)
13: Explosiveness (feat. Shamrock)
14: Back Wit It (feat. Wise the Hawkeye)

REUPLOAD: Chapel, of TEAM NAPALM,gets deeper this time around with a more personal album. His lyrics are even better than before and his production skills keep getting better and better. Dom Pachino even shows up on a on track and sets it in flames.There's no sophomore jinx for Chapel trackz:01-02-05-06-08-13 produced by 140 for 140 productions trackz:03-10-11-14 prod. by sho-down for rock it productions trackz:04-07-09 prod. by chapel for chapel productions track 12 prod. by dunnyezzy for dunnyezzy productions  all songs recorded,mixed,arranged and masterred by chapel for chapel recordings . the 3rd album, all loose mind frame , comming sonn in 2k6


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