Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cilvaringz - Have Sword, Will Travel [2007]

01. Gold Bell Cover
02. Man, Woman & Child
03. Ninja Starz feat. Barrackuda & RZA
04. Energy feat. Beretta 9
05. The Oldest Chamber
06. Secret Weapon
07. Razasharp
08. The Epic Of Bitter Triumph
09. Tongue Fu
10. Dart Tournament (Original Version) feat.. Killa Sin & Blue Raspberry
11. Nagin' feat. The Prodigy
12. Fight For Your Life
13. Gang Bang Rock feat. Fraze
14. Panic Stricken feat. Draztic, G.I. Samurai
15. Collaboration Killaz feat. Draztic, G.I. Samurai
16. Death To America (Live Original Version)

REUPLOAD:  Rare, unreleased and alternate takes of songs not available on albums, given as a bonus to the US release of the album "I", exclusive Chambermusik bonus.



Kim said...

Some excellent tracks on hered! Good overview of his early work in decent audio quality. 'The Epic of Bitter Triumph' is my favourite cut, along with 'Tongue Fu'.

Mixta-Sixta said...

'The Epic of Bitter Triumph si produced by 4th Disciple one of their beast ever