Friday, March 28, 2014

Dom Pachino - Unreleased [2003]

01: Crime Stock
02: Hard Copy
03: War (Skit)
04: Thousand Dollar Watches (feat. Tommy Whispers)
05: Endless Love (feat. Featherz)
06: Victims (feat. Just Da Barber)
07: Problem Child
08: Cheap Thrills (feat. Ndira)
09: Who's the Spanish Kid?
10: Holy Water (feat. Islord)
11: Tear Drops (feat. Tiara)
12: I Got Music (feat. Lord Superb)
13: My Right Hand (feat. Raaddrr Van)
14: Time's Calling (feat. Chi Chi)
15: Heritage Outro

REUPLOAD: Dom Pachino, member of the Killarmy group another chapter of the Wu tang clan, has been on his solo effort and has 3 group albums under his belt. he is now a successful artist and has released the albumz "Tera Iz Him", "Unreleased", and "Domination".


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