Saturday, March 08, 2014


01 - Intro
02 - From The Past To The Present
03 - Damn It Feel Good
04 - Bottom Of The Barrell
05 - Opposites Attract
06 - My Party
07 - Play The Fool
08 - Nightime Cinema
09 - Got My Swagger Back
10 - Love Is

REUPLOAD: In 2009 Dragonfly released his sophomore solo album, "Verses: The Past to the Present" which is available now. The Past to the Present album is an immaculate conception of hip hop, rhythm and blue and soul. It ventures along the road of immortal funk with a variety of different textures. It symbolizes the growth of dragonfly's mental development throughout his genre of emceeing. He strays away from the abnormality of the normal everyday song with a determined idea to push the envelope with an edgy concept.


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