Saturday, March 22, 2014


01. Got That Fire (Featuring Johnny Morale MC Psalmist)
02. BedRock
03. CLick Aim PoP (Featuring Dungeon Masta)
04. Elevation (Featuring Revelation of Fallen Angelz and Solomon Childs)
05. Far From Over
06. Grungy (Featuring Cappadonna and G Clef Da Madd Komposa)
07. Fancy Boxing (Featuring Warclouda and Dungeon Masta)
08. It Was Your Love (Featuring April Monet)
09. KissYour Ass Good Bye
10. We In Here (Featuring Stumik, Donnie Casch aka D.C, and Dainjamental)
11. Last Men Standing (Featuring Chedda Bang)
12. Maintain (Featuring C. Clarity)
13. No Games (Featuring Scenario MC Psalmist)
14. The Take Over (Featuring Dainjamental)
15. Phila. Anthem (Featuring J. Johnson MC Psalmist)
16. The Love Of Money
17. Rev Is Here (Featuring Revelation of Fallen Angelz)
18. Slippin
19. Priesthood
20. The Take Over(Remix) (Featuring Fes Taylor and Dainjamental)
21. Crack THe O.E (Featuring Old Dirty Bastard and Rhyme Fest)
22. Yeah,Yeah, Yeah (Featuring Tigga Yung Budd)

REUPLOAD: Debut mixtape by Chambermusik/Staten All-Stars affiliate Judah Priest. Judah is known for his deep, rugged vocals and plaintive, matter-of-fact style. Featured on this mixtape, alongside obvious Hip-Hop stars, are original features by Stumik (Icewater), Solomon Childs, Dungeon Masta &Morbid Society, G-Clef da Mad Komposa, Fes Taylor, Chedda Bang, Cappadonna, Holocaust, American Poets, Storm the Ghetto Mutant, D.C, Danjamental, Yung Budd, and others!


1 comment :

Kim said...

Some nice features on here, but after a first listen this is pretty average, with some terrible hooks. Might get into it more as I listen to it a few more times. Thanks for the upload in any case!