Wednesday, March 12, 2014


01. 37th Chamber (Intro) (feat. Killah Priest)
02. Embargo
03. Neptune Spear
04. America
05. Sword Stlye
06. Interlude (Divine Universal)
07. Freedom (feat. Makeba Mooncycle)
06. Guilty (exclusive)
07. Pyrex
10. 100 bricks
11. Interlude (Tony)
12. H20
13. Ox Tail (feat. S.B)
14. Gold chain (feat. Killer ben, Sav kills, Killa kali, Turbin)
15. Sometimez
16. Rainy days
17. Golden age (feat. Gizzela)
18. M.C.F (Interlude)
19. 4 Walls (exclusive)
20. Bullet proff
21. 37th Drop
22. Wilflower (feat. Killah Priest)
23. 37th Chamber (Outro)
24. Killah Preist (shout out) (feat. Killah Priest)

REUPLOAD: The mixtape contains 23 tracks and it is hosted exclusively by Wu-Tang owns Killah Priest from Sunz of Man, who also features on a couple of songs on the mixtape. 37th Chamber is Jule's way of paying homage to Wu-Tang Clan members and the movement, as he displays his own verbal take of some of Wu-tang's classic hits and concepts with few exclusive and original songs. We interviewed Juleunique last year, and one thing that was quite obvious was the fact that this versatile MC was listening to what the fans were saying, and the fans basically wanted Jule's to go back to the same style, and lyrical content as the ones he displayed on his first outing on Warcloud and Monsta Mob's albums.

Having come up as a rhyming partner to the great Warcloud aka Holocaust from the West coast Killa Beez group; Black Knights, Jule was one of if not the youngest within that circle, and was part of Da Monsta Mob crew as well as a duo with Holocaust as Gepetto Stromboli. 37th Chamber is Jule's way of saying to the fans that while he has innovated his style, and experimented with new sounds, he still has that sword swinging hidden chamber. The mixtape is strictly for the die hard Wu fans, and it features Makeba Mooncycle, Killah Priest, Sav Killz, Gizella, and few others. Jule uses this mixtape to also address a number of questions the fans have been asking from his so called link with the Wu or Warcloud, to exchanging darts with Killah Priest, as well as the political driven Freedom with Mooncyle. Be sure to check out Golden Age which is an exclusive and original song, the mixtape pretty much caters to everyone and everything and has to be one of his best to date... Enjoy!!!


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