Saturday, March 01, 2014


01- How We Do
02- Smoke Flow
03- Haters Catch the Vapors Ft. Sugar Bang Bang
04- What Ganstaz Do Ft. Sunz of Man
05- What it is Ft. Midaz
06- Get Crazy Ft. Shogun Assassin & Emilush
07- Never Front Ft. 9th Prince
08- Drill SGT Interlude
09- Dear Summer
10- Thirsty Ft. RZA
11- Beat Break
12- Take Sword Ft. RZA
13- 93rd Univrse Ft. Evil & Wundah
14- Sword of Power
15- Beat Interlude
16- Rainsing Ft. Shogun Assassin
17- Bitches Know my Name
18- Swordz Ft. Shogun Assassin
19- Talented Mr Ripley
20- Up Ft. Black Knights
21- Grown People Music Ft. Midaz
22- Why I love U
23- Yaya Interlude
24- Heaven and Hell Ft. Free Murda and Shacronz
25- Dopeness

REUPLOAD Kinetic 9 aka Berretta 9 is a member of the incredibly artistic group KILLARMY, an affiliation of the legendary group WU TANG CLAN. He is a gifted, talented MC originally from Steubenville Ohio. 4 Disciple, another Ohio native & the group producer of Wu Tang Clan introduced Kinetic to the group. Through hard work and determination, they became one of the earliest and successful groups that emerged out of the Wu Tang camp in the early 90’s. They went on to record three successful albums “Silent weapon, for Silent war” (1997), Dirty weapon for Dirty war (1999) and their last one, Fear, Love and War on the (2001).


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