Thursday, March 20, 2014

Moongod Allah - Return Of The 10 Tigers [2001]

01. The Return of Bai Me (feat. Cilvaringz)
02. The Cup (feat. Doc Blake, and Feathers)
03. Fifty Days Of Sword Practice (feat. Cilvaringz, Origin, Magpie, and Fraze)
04. Ming Lu Khan (feat. Magpie, and Feathers)
05. Generation Moonwarriors (feat. Cilvaringz, Origin, Moongod Allah, Doc Blake, Magpie, Fraze, Psiklops, and Roze Peddle)
06. The Horse, The Sword & The Vengeance (feat. Fraze, Doc Blake, Psiklops, and Feathers)
07. Rest (feat. Origin, and Doc Blake)
08. Letter From Ming Lu Khan (feat. Origin, and Magpie)
09. War At The Temple (feat. Lin Brotherz)
10. Snake vs. Crane (feat. Doc Blake, and Roze Peddle)
11. Ten Tigers Of Kwantung (feat. Cilvaringz, Doc Blake, and Fraze)
12. Victory (feat. Cilvaringz, and Feathers)

REUPLOAD: Moongod Allah's second release Every track is produced by Moongod Allah The ten tigers are back!


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Kim said...

The 'Tiger of Kwantung' albums are really great. I've kept them in steady rotation for years. It's great you've uploaded them for all the visitors, because I know the albums are really hard to find online.
I wish Moongod Allah (Dr. Moon) would produce more. But he focuses on teaching music (rapping & producing) at a music school in Holland.