Monday, March 24, 2014


01: 33 Million Intro
02: True Hollywood Story
03: Ice Age ft. Myalansky & Joe Mafia
04: Game Remix ft. Ghostface Killah & Loung-Lo
05: Money, Cars, Cloths
06: Global Thug Politics ft. 12 O Clock, Joe Mafia & Myalansky
07: From The Grips ft. Joe Mafia & Master Fuol
08: Black Diamonds (Unreleased Exclusive)
09: Premeditated Murder ft. Tree
10: Thug War ft. Myalansky & Joe Mafia
11: Walkin' Thru The Storm ft. Dom Pachino & Sabotawj
12: Ghetto Syringe ft. 12 O Clock, Joe Mafia & Myalansky
13: Phone Rings (Unreleased Exclusive)
14: Already Famous ft. Paradice
15: Weary Eyes ft. Myalansky & Joe Mafia
16: Hungry ft. Joe Mafia]
17: Crime Syndicate ft. Myalansky & Joe Mafia
18: Rosey (Unreleased Exclusive) ft. DJ Jack Spad
19: Lonely At The Top ft. Kenny Wray
20: The Hit ft. Myalansky & Joe Mafia
21: Movie Star
22: Taste of Mark of the Beast (Album Snippet)
23: Taste of Wuminati (Album Snippet] ft. Illuminati Network (Solomon Childs, Dexter Wiggle & Shaka Amazulu the 7th)

REUPLOAD: In preparation for his upcoming album "Mark of the Beast" Napoleon reaches out to his fans to give them a remainder, new taste and flavor and exclusives they have never heard before as a free download. "The Best of Napoleon" is a prelude to Mark of the Beast which drops anytime soon and this free download features all the hits from Wu-Syndicate, his side projects and collaboration, to include new and unreleased songs not available anywhere else as well as snippets to his upcoming album and projects. Enjoy!



Kim said...

A quick album review...
1. 33 million INTRO : sets the album up nicely with a soulful throwback beat (2 beats actually)
2. True Hollywood story : loud horns, dramatic backdrop, discusses his come up
3. Ice age : classic Syndicate track, timeless production on this one
4. Game REMIX : really liking the production on the tracks so far The tracks gell well together, which is not always the case for Greatest Hits compilations. Ghost makes a nice appearance on the song. The backdrop is on some 'Regulators/Young Guns' Western movie tip
5. Money, cars, clothes : title says it all, song about flossing, production on this one reminds me of the beats on Freeway's Roc-A-Fella debut album.
6. Global thug politics : another one of those banging Syndicate joints. Song never gets old! Always good to hear some 12 O' Clock. Volume is a bit low on this on the compilation
7. From the grips : features Master Fuol (D.R.U.G.S.), new song to me, piano keys & light percussion on this one. Fuol meshes really well with the beat.
8. Black diamonds : about gettin' money, nothing spectacular
9. Premeditated murder : features some cat with the unfortunate rap moniker Tree. Beat is a bit too monotone for my taste, but I can definitely see people getting into this. Tree has a rapping voice that makes him fit in right with the LOX. Crime stories.
10. Thug war : DJ Devastator is a beast on the beats. This was the perfect opener of the Syndicate's first album and it fits on perfectly on this compilation.
11. Walkin' through the storm : features Dom Pachino & Sabotawj. As I'm not familiar with Sabotawj this served as a good introduction. He's got a good flow. Dom P's delivery in on beat here. (Not always a given.)Napoleon sounds the liveliest on this track.
12. Ghetto syringe : the Syndicate or 12 O'Clock? I vote for 12 O'Clock on this one. Beat is ok, nothing special. This track never really grabbed me on the Syndicate album.
13. Phone rings : South beat, which I don't have a problem with. Napoleon adapts his flow to the beat. Lyrically this is not a highlight.

Name said...

14. Already famous : kind of sad if you consider the people you know to be some of your biggest achievements. "I'm close to the Neptunes". Well, grrreat for you... Reminds me of Cilvaringz putting celebrities' calls from his answering machine on his album. Not really a fan of this song.
15. Weary eyes : in my top 3 of Wu fam songs! The Syndicate's lyrics are fantastic. Beats gives me the shivers too. Chorus fits in well with the beat.
16. Hungry : beat reminds me of Thug Politics. Some thug posturing and some threats on this one. I guess this is okay. Pretty generic track.
17. Crime syndicate : DJ Devastator drops another hot beat for the Syndicate to rock.
18. Rosey : rowdy beat on this one. Just a club song.
19. Lonely at the top : quiet storm type track with a hook sung by Kenny Wray (me neither). Good track!
20. The hit : the Syndicate in full form

Kim said...

21. Movie star : the beat is bananas! Classic track with meaningful lyrics. Wish Napoleon made for tracks like this.
22. Taste of 'Mark of the beast' : dirty South beats! The first snippet is okay, the second snippet brings us a Weezy sample. Napoleon sounds menacing on these two snippets. The third one is definitely the most subdued of them all. The fourth snippets delivers the chorus 'I got my Gucci frames on' and I'm sure you can fill in the rest. The fifth samples Phil Collins and makes for a great backdrop (incredible, I know). It contains the best lyrics of these snippets too.
23. Taste of 'Wuminati' : Shaka Amazula, Dexter Wiggles and Solomon Childs form like Voltron with Napoleon. Shaka Amazula has an awkward flow on the first snippet. The second snippet shows more promise. Shaka Amazula sounds much better on the third snippet than on the first one, coming off as a ragga toaster. The fourth snippet has a simple yet effective beat that allows the MCs the proper space to wreak havoc. The sixth and the seventh snippet sound like dope songs too. That list snippets sounds Westcoastish and gives us a taste of Dexter Wiggles.