Tuesday, March 25, 2014


01: California
02: Life & Times
03: On My Way
04: One Like Me
05: Real Niggaz
06: Take a Chance
07: Taken Shit
08: That's Game
09: The One
10: There It Is (Vetted) (feat. 5 Foot Hyper Sniper & Rugged Monk)
11: These Days
12: Time Will Tell
13: Too Much
14: For Every Will There is a Way (California)

REUPLOAD: 3rd Album of Northstar members: Christbearer and Meko the Pharaoh


1 comment :

Kim said...

Some good tracks on this one, but their first album was much better. The loud guitars also threw me off on that one track, and the fact that the first and the last track were (basically?) the same. I have never given this one much play. I think I'll dig it out the crates tomorrow and give it another spin.