Friday, March 21, 2014

Raekwon Talks Disapproval of Wu-Tang Clan's New Album A Better Tomorrow

I would be the first one to say that we cannot leave everything in RZA’s hand no more. ... Every man plays an imperative role in this situation."

Yesterday, Wu-Tang Clan dropped "Keep Watch", the first single from their 20th anniversary album A Better Tomorrow, which is apparently "almost ready to ship." The sudden emergence of a single from the album was something of a surprise considering RZA's comments about Raekwon's lack of participation. Now, in an enormous Wu-Tang feature in Grantland, Raekwon has elaborated on his thoughts about the upcoming album, which was reportedly largely being helmed by RZA.

I would be the first one to say that we cannot leave everything in RZA’s hand no more,” Rae says. “He has done his job to the greatest of his ability when we were younger, but now every man plays an imperative role in this situation. His plan was to do a more humble album. We was like, Nah. You can’t do that with the hardest group in the game.”

“We knew that wasn’t no single,” he said of "Family Reunion", the track RZA shared last summer. He also talked about the difficulty of getting everyone on the same page:

“It’s like getting the United Nations to all agree on one fucking thing,” Rae sputters. “Italy ain’t having it. Japan is on some shit. You know what I mean? Now, here it is, the 20-year anniversary that’s so decoratedly respected that we might not even be on time for this shit.”

There are quotes from several other members of the group about the new album, including GZA, who said, “It would be great to do another album, come back with a banger. But I don’t think we have anything to prove. We proved it already.


jaime said...

RZA siempre me ha parecido un cabrón,
Aguante RAE

Anonymous said...

Este album no va ser bueno si ay desunion entre los miembros, RZA no puede estar bajo la produccion, tiene que llamar a los Wu elementos parece que mathematics y 4 th disciple participara, lo que alega Raekwon es sobre la parte de las ganancias

Kim said...

That Grantland article was a fascinating read.

I don't have high hopes for the album... The lead single is only so so. Last year's 'Family Reunion' wasn't all that. The best thing they can do is pick as many good beats as possible from the stack 4th Disciple sent them.

Anonymous said...

This album will not be good if exist a disunity among members RZA cannt be under production, he have to call the Wu Elements seem to mathematics and 4th disciple are collaborating, which Raekwon claims is on the part of the profits

Juan Gonzalez said...

if you want to listen some of wu south sounds , check fes taylor, Off Da Blok Family housegang