Wednesday, March 12, 2014


01: Mortal Combat
02: Desperate Times (ft. Skinslaya)
03: I Want Him Dead
04: Masters of the Game
05: The Demon (ft. Malik Kahaar Ali)
06: Spark Da Mic
07: Cop-N-Go (ft. Malik Kahaar Ali)
08: You Don't Know Me
09: U-N-I Verse
10: What is the Essence of a Soul Kid? (ft. Quayshaun)
11: Mortal Combat [Remix]
12: Desperate Times (ft. Skinslaya) [Remix]
13: SKK Radio Promo Cypher
14: Trapped Inside a Bubble
15: Mortal Combat (ft. Necro) [Unreleased Verse]
16: Ending: MK3
17: Hidden Track

REUPLOAD: Even though Soul Kid Klik got their start in 1989, they would spend many of years dwelling in the New York underground hip-hop realm -- and in the process, appearing on a number of demos, open mic nights and guest appearances on various albums. It wasn't until 1997 when their single "Desperate Times" finally debuted with their themes of apocalyptic predictions and corporate evils. The Soul Kids continued with this lyrical assault on this, their 1998 full-length debut album "Invisible Army."


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