Sunday, March 16, 2014


01. Terugkeer Is Aanstaande (Villa 65 Ode)
02. Maslow
03. Al Mijn Helden
04. El Dorado
05. Trip
06. Versplinterd (Komt Goud)
07. Ontmoeting Met KF
08. Handleiding
09. Uitbetaald

For all of you who enjoyed Moongod’s production work with Ringz and the Moonlight crew some ten years ago, there’s a bit of good news right here.  the past decade Moongod had been focusing on founding the first MC bachelor's degree worldwide for the Herman Brood Academy, sharing his experience and teaching Holland’s aspiring MC’s and producers the tricks of the trade. Lately he has been slowly returning producing, mainly for the Dutch hip hop scene but we were also happy to notice he revisited his Wu related history, teaming up with Raekwon in a Paris’ studio, helping Cilvaringz on his upcoming Wu (fam) album and scheduling studio time with Ghostface while Toney was touring Europe last week.

Those interested in any production coming from Moon will be glad to hear that today he is releasing a free EP with Dutch rapper Sticks “Bukowski”, evidently named after the legendary author. The EP was recorded in an coincidental three day jam and recording session, has 9 new tracks and is an ode to (old skool) hip-hop .


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Kim said...

If there is any interest in having the lyrics translated to English, let me know in the comment section. (I am Belgian and speak Dutch.)

For now, here are the song titles in English...

1. About to return (ode to Villa 65)
2. Maslow
3. All my heroes
4. El Dorado
5. Trip
6. Gold turned into splinters
7. Meeting KF
8. Manual)
9. Got paid