Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tommy Whispers And Kryme Life Of T.M.F. Present Hawk and Kryme - Exit 13 [2008]

01: Intro
02: Put Work In
03: I Ain't Playin'
04: This is What it Is
05: Get Wiser
06: Everywhere
07: Thump (feat. G.L.O.)
08: Ol' Glory
09: F.Y.I.
10: Overdose (feat. Trife Da God)
11: Mask Hoodies
12: The Apple
13: Progress
14: Who Fooled You
15: Zone Out
16: Screwed Up
17: Sweet, Sexy, Lovely & Hot

REUPLOAD: Ever since they were heard on Ghostface Killah’s Supreme Clientele, T.M.F. has been fan favorites. The trio has appeared on numerous albums, but Ghostface’s protégé, Trife Da God, has been the one holding down the spotlight for most of the times. While Trife’s solo album is scheduled to be release before the group album, Tommy Whispers and Kryme Life have decided to move forward by releasing a joint project. Exit 13 is the album before the album. Not quite a mixtape, more like a street album, as it consists for the most part of never-heard before songs and original beats, this CD serves as a preview for the official Hawk & Kryme album Da Route. Production is mainly handled by Unspoken, but also features Gooch, Kryme Life and D. Bramley. Trife Da God also contributes a guest appearance.


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