Saturday, March 15, 2014


01: Introduction (Prod. by Dreddy Kruger)
02: Slugs Thru Ya Papaya (feat. Roc Marciano & Killa Priest) (Prod. By Bronze Nazareth)
03: Thirsty Fish (feat. Raekwon & Bronze Nazareth) (Prod. By Kevlaar 7)
04: What Love Is (Prod. By Bronze Nazareth) (Instrumental)
05: Gold Medals (feat. Prodigal Sun) (Prod. By Bronze Nazareth)
06: Come To Life (feat. Bronze Nazareth)
07: Fall Winter (Prod. By Preservation) (Instrumental)
08: Lyrical Swords DJ Muggs Soul Assassins Remix (feat. GZA & Ras Kass)
09: Infomercial (Narrated by Jim Jarmush)
10: The Time Is Now
11: Just Some Thoughts... (feat. Bronze Nazareth) (Prod. By Bronze Nazareth)
12: Intermission Groupie Love (feat. U-God)
13: In Memory of Lisa Dockery (Prod. By Bronze Nazareth) (Instrumental)
14: Give It Up (Lost Verse) (feat. Hot Rod Hampton) (Prod. By Preservation)
15: Infomercial (Narrated by Jim Jarmush)
16: Biochemical Equation Choco G-Dubs remix (feat. RZA & MF Doom)
17: Never A Day Goes By (Prod. by Bronze Nazareth) (Instrumental)
18: Street Disputes (Prod. By Bronze Nazareth) (Instrumental)
19: Change Up (Prod. by Bronze Nazareth) (Instrumental)
20: O (feat. Jim Jarmush)

2005 was the birth of the concept album runned by RZA, Dreddy Kruger and Jim Jarmush. 2011 will be the year of the return for Think Differently Music with The Lost Files.The Lost Files offers 20 previously unreleased tracks produced since 2005 but never released till now. Since 2005 the concept album Dreddy Kruger presents Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture (with the highly collaboration of Jim Jarmush) is a cult album who sold more than 250,000 copies. 2011 is the year Dreddy Kruger has decided to release The Lost Files, a unique collection of exclusive tracks produced during the recording session of Think Differently Music but never completed. After more than a year of work in studio, Think Differently is finally ready to release this perfect answer to the 2005 masterpiece. Directed by Dreddy Kruger The Lost Files consists of 20 real Hip-Hop / Soul tracks starring Dreddy Kruger himself, Bronze Nazareth, DJ Muggs, GZA, U God, Raekwon, RZA (of course) , Doom, Killah Priest, Roc Marciano ... and Jim Jarmush ... A must have for all fans of different Hip-Hop and music !


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