Wednesday, April 23, 2014

140 Productions - Skool Yard Funk Art Vol.1 [2002]

01: Intro Beat
02: Freestyle (feat. Molly-Q)
03: Everything U Need (feat. Crunch Lo & Samantha)
04: New York (feat. Othorized F.A.M., Clocka & Lighter Shade)
05: Game Over (feat. Lace)
06: We in the Realm (feat. Crunch Lo & Lighter Shade)
07: Let it Bang (feat. Molly-Q, Franky Botts & Lighter Shade)
08: Knee Deep in Some Ass (feat. Shawn Wigs)
09: Yesterday (feat. Shawn Wigs & Lenore)
10: My Way (feat. Franky Botts & Italy)
11: Lock N Load (feat. Chapel & Wise)
12: One on One (feat. Shawn Wigs & Crunch Lo)
13: Life's Been Good to Me (feat. Shawn Wigs & Toilet)
14: Revelations (feat. Crunch Lo, Cheesey Rat & Diverse)
15: Hypnotized (feat. Lenore)
16: New York Broadway (feat. Lighter Shade)
17: Staten Islanders (feat. Othorized F.A.M.)
18: Outro Beat
19: They Went So Quickly (feat. Lighter Shade)

REUPLOAD: All in all this is a very polished LP - independent yet quite professional in presentation. The songs are deliberately moody on this album. Most of them utilize string and piano musings to endow a more sedate feeling. No doubt future 140 releases will take a different stance. As for the performers, Othorized F.A.M. are their usual graceful selves - not too concerned with the macho bravados of modern day MC'ing and more focused on delivering good rhymes. Lighter
Shade, Franky Bottz, Clocka, Cheesy Rat and Lace are also quite impeccable in their own rights.

Excelente produccion a carga de 140 productios de la 4 en existencia!, con la participacionde mc's de staten island,Othorized Fam, Wu-Fam, presente!! 5 estrellas para este discazo de los suburbios para nuestros odiosm enjoy it!°!


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