Tuesday, April 15, 2014

9th Prince - Prince Of The City (Mixtape) [2007]

1. Intro
2. Whatever We Want
3. Serving Justice
4. The Writer (Snippet)
5. Unite To Fight (Ft. Shogun Assasson)
6. Black Jesus (Ft. U-God)
7. Militant (Ft. Beretta 9 & U-God)
8. Burn Bridges (Ft. The Rza)
9. The Bottom Line
10. Banned From The Radio
11. Full Moon (Ft. Killa Sin)
12. Cold Wind
13. War Face (Ft. Raekwon & Hoffa)
14. Honeycomb
15. Murder Venue (Ft. Islord & Killa Sin)
16. Nonchalantly
17. Valentine's Day Massacre
18. Bronze Nazareth Interlude
19. Sniper Challengers
20. Prince Of New York (Snippet)
21. Last Poet
22. Roll With The Rush (Ft. Trife Da God)
23. Foolish Ways
24. What's Going On (Ft. The Rza & Blue Raspberry)
25. Lady Sings The Blues (Ft. Islord)
26. Nuttin (Ft. Christbearer)
27. Which Way You Going (Ft. Beretta 9)
28. Feel It (Ft. Islord)

REUPLOAD: This BANGIN' mixtape is a prequel to 9th's much anticipated street album "PRINCE OF NEW YORK", which will be dropping in OCTOBER 2007 on Armyourself Ent. / P.A.P.E.R. Enterprise / ILLegit Recordz. A celebration of one of the most unique minds in the Wu-Tang Universe, and also a perfect introduction to those not yet familiar with 9th Prince. Includes never before heard mixes and exclusive drops from Killarmy, Bronze Nazareth, 12 O'Clock & MORE! Mixed & Arranged by DYP tha goldynchild. Only a limited number will be pressed up, so order today to ensure that this future collector's item is in your collection!


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