Saturday, April 12, 2014


01: The Grits (feat. Agallah)
02: Super Model (feat. Ghostface Killah)
03: War Rats (feat. Neonek)
04: Bread of Life (feat. Neonek & Killah Priest)
05: Love is the Message (feat. Raekwon)
06: We Know (feat. Jermaine Dupri & Da Brat)
07: Shake Dat (feat. Jamie Sommers, Starcia Hall & Takiesha)
08: Big Business (feat. Crunch Lo & Shyheim)
09: Revenge (feat. Timbo King & Free Murda)
10: One Way 2 Zion (feat. Culture)
11: Save the Children (feat. Culture)

NEW: Yin & The Yang album for sale by Cappadonna was released April 03, 2001 on the Phantom label. the main Yin & The Yang CD music contains 10 songs. this version japanese contains a bonus track, US retail version contains 13 tracks



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Kim said...

Not Cappa's best release (that to me is still his debut album, 'The Pillage'), but it's listenable and some songs like 'Bread of Life', 'War rats' and 'Revenge' I find enjoyable..

The European version (which I bought where I live, in Belgium) is just like this Japanese release : 10 tracks + hidden bonus track 'Save the children'.

For people interested in original album concepts ... Some extra info. Cappa was supposed to have all 13 tracks (of the American release) on this album world wide but he got into an argument with RZA. I think it was over the fact that Cappa's manager turned out to be an FBI informant/agent who was looking for clues in the weapons trafficking operation that Killarmy was supposedly involved in.

The tracks that were pulled from the international release version after the argument with RZA were:
_ Real niggas ft. Prodigal Sunn (SOM)
_ Why it gotta be like this.

The bonus track 'Save the children' is just a regular track on the American version instead of a bonus track on the international release.

It's worth looking for these 2 extra tracks/the American release if you only have the international album version since the 2 other tracks are pretty good. Especially the track with Prodigal Sunn adds an extra Wu touch to the album.