Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Freemurda - Let Freedom Reign [2007]

01: Feet and Hands
02: My Black Nina (feat. ShaCronz & RZA)
03: Make You Scream
04: Brooklyn Get it On
05: I'm Bossed Up
06: Shorts and Slippers
07: F.R.E.E. Murda
08: Free vs. Murda (feat. ShaCronz)
09: This 1's for Dirt
10: I Don't Know
11: Let Your Arms Swing
12: You Know How it Goes (feat. Timbo King & Terra Tory)
13: Man Up (feat. ShaCronz & Terra Tory)
14: You Can Never Be Better Than Free
15: Ride, Ride, Ride
16: Take This Money
17: Yeah!!!

REUPLOAD: Wu Tang member and acclaimed hip hop producer RZA presents this upcoming superstar, Freemurda! Includes guest appearances and superb production by RZA plus Timbo King, Sha-Cronz and others! With the help of RZA, who is dropping a new solo album later this year, Freemurda will be getting some serious attention from hip hop fans!


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