Sunday, April 13, 2014


01: Park Hill All-Stars (ft. Stumik)
02: Too Late to Change
03: Knuckle Up (ft. Icewater, Raekwon & Pimp C)
04: Non Fiction Muzik (ft. Polite)
05: Karma (The Robbery)
06: Murda (ft. Icewater)
07: W.A.R.
08: Poverty
09: Do it Big (ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Icewater) (Rmx)
10: Tonight
11: Anybody Can Get It
12: Hanz vs. G.O.D.
13: I Am That Nigga (ft. Doey Rock)
14: The Water (ft. DJ Symphony)

REUPLOAD: Icewater presents Hanz On...for those that don't remember Icewater was that crew that Raekwon introduced on one of his albums and helped them drop an album in 2007, which really wasn't that good. Now they are bringing emcee Hanz On to the forefront. I don't remember him being actual part of the crew, but he just might be a new member. His real claim to fame is the fact that he is the one who clocked Joe Budden when the Wu and Joey had their little beef going on. So we know he can fight (or sucker punch? depending on who you ask), but how are his rap skills? Because that is all that matters when it comes down to the music. At first I was just happy to hear that Hanz On wasn't a godawful rapper, who they just gave a shot in the studio because everbody was scared of him. His flow is actually rather decent, but he isn't really standing out. When he gets joined by some guests, it's easy to get mistaken to who you are actually listening too. The subjectmatter is pretty much what you'd expect from your modern day New York street rap album. People get robbed, shot, stomped in the ground and that kind of stuff. You'd better show you are the toughest fucker on the block. There are some tracks like 'Too Late To Change' and 'Poverty' where Hanz tries to flip the script with some heartfelt lyrics, but it just comes of as a weak attempt at sounding deep. I thought his track for the ladies with 'Tonight' felt even more awkward. Hanz On isn't really all that awful, but he is just a run-of-the-mill emcee. The same can be said about the beats on this effort. This is exactly what you would expect from a New York street rap album. The beats are not wack or anything, it's just that they are pretty damn generic. He uses quite a lot of producers for 14 tracks, but no one is going to stand out. I actually wonder where he found them. Kinoi, Enza, Fury, Dready? I don't know them. I do know Icewater Productions and (I think) DJ Symphony, but I'm not impressed at all. There just isn't a whole lot I'm feeling. I hated the beat for 'Knuckle Up' and I thought the sample for 'Poverty' has been flipped better in the past (by the RZA even). The latter being a bit of reoccuring theme. Hell, RZA (again) already flipped the sample on 'Hanz vs GOD' on that joint he did with MF DOOM. Something about this album just seems they rushed it. It isn't just the quality of the beats themselves. It's also the quality of the audio. On some tracks the volumes of different emcees are all over the place and to add insult to injury, I don't think the tracklisting on the back is entirely correct. Perhaps there was not a lot of budget for this release or maybe they did rush this out of the gates. If it's the latter they should have done it about a year ago and really that Joe Budden thing to the death (not literally of course). If the Icewater album was your shit or you really love every little thing that is even remotely Wu-affilated, you might wanna check this. Otherwise it's just best to kick Hanz back into the kitchen.


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