Thursday, April 17, 2014

Killarmy - Dirty Weaponry [1998]

01: Galactics
02: Allah Sees Everything (feat. Killah Priest)
03: 5 Stages of Consciousness
04: Unite to Fight
05: Murder Venue
06: Doomsday (feat. Warcloud)
07: Red Dawn
08: The Shoot Out
09: Bastard Swordsman (feat. Warcloud)
10: Last Poet
11: Serving Justice
12: Where I Rest At
13: Pain

REUPLOAD: Dirty Weaponry is the second album by hip-hop group Killarmy, released one year after its debut, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. The majority of the album was produced by group member 4th Disciple, with additional production coming from Wu-Elements producer Mathematics. The album features guests appearances from Wu-Tang Clan affiliates Killah Priest (of Sunz of Man) and Holocaust (of Black Knights). The album includes the singles "Red Dawn" and "The Shoot Out."



Kim said...

Along with their debut album one of the best Wu Killa Bee Fam albums out there. The production on this one is incredible, so are some of the verses. The Holocaust guest spots are top notch. I sometimes listen to this album four times straight.

Mixta-Sixta said...

When you think how many WU' projects were coming out at this time it makes your head spin,RZA had hip hop in a choke hold.Fair enough they didn't see the sales of Bad Boy or Death Row but they had something far more important,RESPECT OF TRUE HEADS

Kim said...

I completely agree with you.