Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Makeba Mooncycle - Balance [2005]

01: Big East Main Event Freestyle
02: Masterpiece
03: Can You Feel Me
04: Full Circle
05: It's Like That (feat. Amiri Gamble)
06: Points
07: Free
08: Paranoia (Premix)
09: Life
10: Illusions
11: The Unknown (Skit)
12: Usual Suspects
13: Who Gets Your Love (feat. Amiri Gamble)
14: Rest My Head Up in the Clouds
15: Wheremypeopleat
16: Redemption (feat. Lion Heart)
17: Can't Kill Rasta (feat. Lion Heart)
18: Mooncycle Cheer (Outro)

REUPLOAD_ Makeba describes this new album as: "Giving you everything you need for a balanced life. A collection of songs that represent reflections of life. Some of my 'Greatest Hits' before it's time." Produced primarily by Amiri Gamble as part of Prodigal Sunn's Godz, Inc. family. New styles and flavors from one of the unsung heroes of Hip-Hop, as well as possibly Wu-Tang's best female emcee. Executive Producers- Makeba Mooncycle and Glock Shanobi Co-Executive Producer - Amiri Gamble


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