Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Pop Da Brown Hornet - The Undaground Emperor [2000]

01: Undaground Emperor (feat. Taneese & Rebel Dainja)
02: Follow Me Up (feat. Down Low Recka)
03: One Shot Deal (feat. Down Low Recka & T.M.F.)
04: Endangered Species (feat. Fettichini Da Great)
05: Wantz & Needs
06: I'm Soooo...
07: Follow Me Up (Marley Marl Remix) (feat. Rubbabandz)
08: Hold Ground (feat. DeLouie Avant Jr. & Trom)
09: Sun Neva Chill
10: No More Mr. Nice Guy (feat. Smoke)
11: Stand Up (feat. Chauncey Hannibal)
12: Black on Black Crime

REUPLOAD: Pop Da Brown Hornet is a rapper from the Wu-Tang Clan affiliated group, GP Wu. The Undaground Emperor is his debut album, released in 2000. And I must say, he has an amazing flow. He rhymes over some light, but terrific beats that really emphasize how smooth of a rapper he is. On some tracks, he sounds rugged, though, almost like a higher pitched U-God. Go ahead and give it a download. 


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Kim said...

Wish Pop had released more material. GP Wu are back together as GP The Grain, but if I'm not mistaken the outfit now only has two members left (Pop's not one of 'em).