Thursday, April 17, 2014

Raekwon On RZA: Wu-Tang Clan "Being Compromised By His So-Called 'Logic'"

Raekwon also says he hates the Wu-Tang Clan song "Keep Watch." Regarding RZA's claims the two didn't speak about Wu-Tang Clan's "A Better Tomorrow," Raekwon says, "Saying he didn't speak to me is a bold-faced lie."

Raekwon says that he agrees with RZA’s recent assessment that the two are not in accord regarding the Wu-Tang Clan’s forthcoming A Better Tomorrow album.

“We are at creative differences because at the end of the day, I want to win,” Raekwon says in an interview with Rolling Stone. "I’m used to being a winner. Being that I feel the team is being compromised by his so-called ‘logic' of making music, I have a problem with that because I love my fans. I would never want to give my fans anything other than the best. So when we’re sitting there discussing the creative process of making a great album for the fans, I’m not going to never settle for less. I’m not the only one [in the group] that feels this way too.”

Raekwon says one example of their differences is the Wu-Tang Clan song “Keep Watch." "I hate it,” Raekwon says. "I hate it. I don’t hate shit, but I hate that fuckin’ record. It ain’t the gunpowder that my brothers are spitting. It’s the production. And I ain’t shitting on the producer because he’s one of our soldiers. But if it ain’t where it need to be… It’s 20 years later. We talkin 'bout a whole new generation is sitting here representin' and making fiery shit and you telling me that we comin out with some mediocre shit? That ain’t part of our plan.”

Raekwon On Wu-Tang Clan: "I Am On Strike"

Given his problems, Raekwon says that he has to look at himself from a different perspective. "It’s the same as being an athlete,” he says. "I don’t give a fuck if it’s Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant. They will not touch the floor if their managers or lawyers are saying, 'Listen, shit ain’t right.' So therefore, I’m in a limbo situation. So yeah, you’re right. I am on strike. It ain’t the fact that I don’t want to be there. Because of course I want to be there. But if we’re there, we gotta do the best everything. We gotta work 10 times harder, because that’s what I’m signing in for. I’m not about listening to somebody that’s not an artist telling me what the fuck they think is hot.

"As far as the RZA, I respect him,” he continues. "I love him – the love ain’t gonna go anywhere – but you’re not in the music world no more. So to me, you need to take a backseat and respect the niggas that is playing the game. I’m always out in the field and finding out what’s going on with the new

RZA said in an interview published this week that Raekwon was not involved in A Better Tomorrow.

"Raekwon has not been participating with that particular record,” RZA said. "I haven’t had a chance to really talk to him about why not. All I see is the press going back and forth. But I would say that maybe creatively we on different paths. I’m creatively different than I was in the ‘90s.” In the Rolling Stone article, Raekwon disputes RZA’s statements. "I don’t know why he said he didn’t speak to me, because he did speak to me,” Raekwon says. "We spoke about two weeks ago. It was me, him, his brother and business partner Devine and we talked about why I’m not there right now. They know where I’m at and at the end of the day, him saying he didn’t speak to me is a bold-faced lie."


Kim said...

I have no hopes of Raekwon being involved in the album. Realistically speaking the album has been finished for at least 3 months, I'd say and RZA was just holding out for Rae to lay down verses on some of the songs.

Since the conversation between RZA and Raekwon (mentioned in the article, convo happened 2 weeks ago) didn't lead to a result and since RZA is even claiming he did NOT talk to Rae, I think the books are closed on Raekwon being a part of ABT.

Kim said...

Also, yesterday I read an on line statement by Cilvaringz saying he knew Ghostface was on 3 songs on the album. (Or as RZA phrased it a few days ago : 'Ghost is on 20% of the album'). Inspectah Deck is on slightly more songs.

The other members were more involved, according to RZA in in an interview, with Method being on the highest amount of songs (8 or 9), then Cappadonna, then the others.

Wu-Girl said...

A better tomorrow without Raekwon isn't the same, sorry
the album is condemned to failure, I also hate the single keep watch, it seems mediocre, do not expect anything good about this, RZA and divine diggs are the culprits

Wu-Girl said...

aslo i have to dedicated this song to RZA can_it_be_all_so_simple! ARE YOU SICK OF MAINSTREAM WACK HIP HOP SLAVERY?

Kim said...

I completely agree with you. Meanwhile, Rae is releasing quality solo songs like 'Living Room'.

It's as Rae states in the article, he KNOWS what the Streets like (beatwise), and I'm sure he can merge that grimy NY sound with a typical Wu Tang sound, even though he is not a producer himself. Just like Ghostface Rae has a good ear for beats. These days, that is. I wouldn't say this was true for the 'Immobilarity' and 'Lex Diamonds Story' era.

Also, obviously they need Rae for his hot verses.

I'm sure Rae would make sure the album didn't have many sung choruses - which is probably the opposite of what RZA wants (remember '8 Diagrams').

Kim said...

As to what you said about 'Keep Watch' - there might still be some hope left. A few days ago I read a statement of somebody who went to a Wu Tang member or Killa Bee concert (can't remember who performed, sorry) and the official tour DJ spun a version of 'Keep Watch' with a new beat. According to the concertgoer this was not a blend or mash-up, but a completely new beat. (But still with the lame chorus.)