Friday, April 04, 2014

Solomon Childs - You Dont Want War [2008]

01: Respect
02: Touching Paper (feat. Desert Eagle)
03: Dear Lord
04: You Don't Want War
05: Rims Stay Rollin'
06: Fallin' Out of Love (feat. Keyshia Cole)
07: Alone in These Streets
08: Pushing (feat. Coco)
09: Shifty
10: Touch
11: No Air (feat. Chris Brown & Jordin Sparks)
12: Communicate With Me
13: It Ain't Easy (feat. Pleasant)
14: You Do it to Yourself (feat. RZA & Alex Greenwald)
15: One Side (feat. Mario & Ruben)
16: Walking (feat. Monique Howard)
17: See Me in Blood (feat. Will Geiss)
18: Spring Fling (feat. Seven)
19: Never See Me Again (feat. Alicia Keys)

REUPLOAD: The new one from the man formerly known as Killa Bamz, and he is of the most prolific of all Wu-Tang affiliates, Solomon Childs, bringing you a mixture of original and mixtape style songs. Featured are Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, and Rza among others.


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