Thursday, April 03, 2014


01. On It
02. Bitter Sweet
03. Alone
04. Ghetto Serenade (feat. RZA)
05. Ridin'
06. Opportunity

REUPLOAD: Having made a name for herself singing on various Wu-Tang productions (check out "Impossible" and "Second Coming" from the Wu-Tang Clan's Wu-Tang Forever), Tekitha has released a six-song EP entitled The Prelude, in anticipation of her full-length debut. Showcasing different musical styles such as hip-hop, soul, and pop, The Prelude serves as a nice introduction for those not already familiar with her work. And for those who are familiar, it's Exhibit A in her bid to expand her stylistic range and not be pigeonholed. Her full-length album, Wisdom Body, hasn't been scheduled for release yet, but The Prelude is a fine collection for all of us to get to know in the meantime.


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