Wednesday, April 30, 2014


01. Pretty
02. Harlem High
03. Ghetto Serenade (feat. RZA)
04. Masta Build
05. I Love You So
06. I Loved Him
07. Run
08. Once Upon A Time

NEW. From Wukipack



Kim said...

Hear Tekitha's voice on this loop from the 'Shaolin' videogame as well :

(Tekitha - 'Back to the 36')

Kim said...

Bonus goodie, little known soundtrack song (from the movie 'Slam') :

Cappadonna & Tekitha - 'I Can See' (prod. Mathematics)

Juan Gonzalez said...

Dope Tracks

nuke_addict said...

Juan Gonzalez said...

the tag year of this release it's not known. Dupe lol this it's not scene, and we are not competing, take it easy man, enjoy, thanks 4 visit us