Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Black Market Militia - Black Market Militia [2005]

01: Children of Children (Intro) (feat. Oscar Brown Jr.)
02: Thug Nation (feat. Timbo King & William Cooper)
03: Mayday! (feat. Hell Razah)
04: Audobon Ballroom (feat. Dead Prez & Savoy)
05: The Struggle (feat. William Cooper)
06: Hood Lullabye (feat. Hell Razah & Timbo King)
07: Gem Star's (feat. William Cooper)
08: Righteous Talk (feat. Timbo King)
09: The Final Call (feat. Eilan Babilon, Gabriel Batler & Abiodun Oyemole)
10: Dead Street Scrolls (feat. Hell Razah)
11: Paintbrush (feat. Hell Razah)
12: Black Market (feat. William Cooper & Hell Razah)
13: The Breath of Life
14: Think Market (feat. William Cooper)

REUPLOAD: Black Market Militia is the first album by the hip hop supergroup Black Market Militia. it was released on March 22, 2005, through Nature Sounds. The album has sold 5,727 copies.

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