Wednesday, April 09, 2014


01. Intro
02. Do It Big
03. Horses Mouth
04. For One Night
05. Indigo


ep-part-1  Member of Theodore Unit Also Know As Trife Da God

Trife_Diesel-Diesel_Fluid_EP_Part_1-2014-WSS Artsit title bad tagged



Kim said...

Also check out Trife's short in-studio freestyle over a Mobb Deep beat that was released late last month to hype this release. It's really good.

Wu-Girl said...

im agree with you Kim

Kim said...

Been listening to the EP for the last few days. I really like it.

Made me listen to some more Trife on line. Found this nice 2009 track online, 'Trapped on the island' with AC :

(Hope it's ok for me to link to outside websites. If not, I apologise in advance and will not do so again.)