Thursday, April 03, 2014


01: The Lights Here
02: Grimlenz
03: Wanna Bee
04: Knockin Off
05: Hands Out
06: Moneyvated
07: Eye Candy (feat. Jesse Taylor)
08: Laboratory
09: Merciless
10: Muthafuckuz (feat. Ray Lugar)
11: The End

REUPLOAD Aqui tienen depsues de 10 años el 2nd discos OFICIAL de Wu-Syndicate lamenteblemente sin Napoleon, espero lo disfruten comentario o descripcion del disco me los reservo, bueno ripado por nuestro grupo WSS excelente sonido y calidad para ustedes enjoy it,
 the new year sees Mya and Joe Mafia finally complete and put out the highly awaited and anticipated  “Grimlenz” album that have been in talks for a while now. This digital only release is an exclusive album for the fans and can be purchased directly via their own site, This album produced entirely by upcoming producer Antagonist, reflects the grim horror witnessed through the eyes of Joe Mafia and Myalansky over years of struggling in the Ghetto, the music industry and life on the streets, politics, relations and what have you. This album can be considered as a free album as The Syndicate brothers felt it necessary to give something back to the fans for their constant support over the years and have made it available for only $1.99 as a way to say thanks and hold on for bigger things as the group is currently working on their 3rd album (or 2nd official album depending on how you want to view it) expected to drop something this year. This will involve features from their Killa Beez affiliates as well as The Abbott (The RZA) being involved as well.   

With the release of Grimlenz, The RZA back in the picture, continued steady growth of fans, and a more matured Mya and lyrically sharper Mafia, 2010 seems like a year to watch out for the duo (unfortunately as of date Napoleon is not in the pipeline). 


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Kim said...

The Syndicate Always come hard (nh). There is also a deluxe version of the album out there.