Sunday, May 18, 2014

June Luva (of GP WU) - 2-11 in progress Vol.1 (Mixtape) [2008]

01: You a Biotch
02: Grain
03: I'm Back
04: I Like the Way
05: Down on My Luck
06: Shame on a Nigga
07: Fly Guy
08: Squeeze the Pipe (feat. Tommy Whispers)
09: Live in the Basement
10: Forgotten Pain
11: It's a New Day (feat. JoJo Pellegrino)
12: Understand Me
13: Jux Gonna Give it to Ya
14: Extassy
15: Bam Boom
16: Catch Me in the Street (feat. Iron Mic)
17: Not Gonna Lie (feat. Peace)
18: R.I.P. Shout Outs (Outro)

REUPLOAD: GP Wu member , enjoy! 


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Kim said...

Thanks you for uploading this, Mixta-Sixta. This mixtape is EXTREMELY hard to find. It isn't out there in physical form, as far as I know. And I have been looking for a digital version for years, without any success. So thanks again for helping out!