Thursday, September 22, 2016

Kevlaar 7 - A Beautiful Soul [2016]

01. A Beautiful Soul Sunrise
02. Boulevard Article III
03. Glorious Chemist
04. Capos (Bronzed) (Feat. Roc Marciano & Dom Pachino)
05. Calculate The Bitterness
06. Brother (Feat. Bronze Nazareth)
07. Kevlaar Spoken
08. Heartache Karma
09. No Explaining (Feat. Illah Dayz & June Mega)
10. Scalata (Feat. Salute da Kidd & Phillie)
11. Thoughts InÀterÀruptÀed
12. Skeleton Playing Piano II (Feat. Infinite7mind & Lord Jessiah)
13. Until We're Ashes
14. A Beautiful Soul Sunset (Feat. RZA)
15. Scalata (Alt Version) (Feat. Salute Da Kidd & Phillie

NEW: This is the story told by a raw, hardened, remarkable voice, wailing away with pain. Part of the morbid appeal of 'A Beautiful Soul' is that Kevlaar 7 sounds like he’s aware his time is short. It’s deeply unsettling, listening to someone who would transition in the midst of recording. This unearths the true tragedy: Unlike his first solo albums and his work with The Wisemen, on A Beautiful Soul, for the first time, Kevlaar was teaming with Bronze Nazareth on production, and performing material that he, and no one else, wanted to record


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