Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wu-Tang Clan At Exit Festival 2007, Serbia, Europe


This concert has sure been one of the most memorable moments in my life. It all started with dj mathematics putting on some instrumentals and checking the sound; when suddenly crowd got made crazy as the generals were coming with wu tang clan ain't nuthing to fuck wit beat playing in the back. classic opening. during the concert (about an hour and a half) a lot of classic shit could be heard and the generals+streetlife were all in a mood to rock the crowd so they soon made me that i forgot that mef was missing. i was truly looking forward to hear his verses on triumph, shame on a nigga, protect ya neck, m.e.t.h.o.d. m.a.n., the rockwilder. but i understand that something got wrong so he wasn't able to come to the concert. no offence at all. all people need to take care of their personal business first. his lines were then whether left over or done by other generals and/or streetlife.
one of the most beautiful moments was the one when the crowd (around 25-30 000 people) got silent for one minute as a tribute to odb and than the silence got followed by shimmy shimmy ya, brooklyn zoo, got your money. rest in peace odb.
there was constant interaction between the clan on stage and the crowd - with WU-TANG, WU-TANG; clan in da front, let your feet stomp,.... putting w in the air, going side to side during tearz, singing i got fat bags of skunk, i got... lalalalalalalala and the end of the rockwilder, jumping mad high during the 4th chamber, rapping odb's lines with the generals.
it certainly was a perfect night, a night full of emotions for all the fans who have been waiting for this historical event to take place in serbia at exit festival. there was a lot of people from different countries namely, serbia, croatia, slovenia, england, hungary, bosnia, ireland just to name some of them. we all got reunited for the wu tang concert and all the possible tensions between the nations were forgotten. that's the power of the wu and their brethren spirit.
special props go to masta killa, for putting a lot of energy in his performace, doing some 'freestyle', destroying the duel of the iron mic, one blood under w, triumph. i somehow expected rza to be the leading man on stage, but he was second with ghost i guess but both beeing in the shades of masta killa. ah forget it. on july the 15th between 00:15-01:45 the whole clan was performing as one. some may even say that odb's spirit was felt during the concert+mef being spiritually on a concert.
some may call me stan or sth. but i am far for being that. i was just completely enjoying the show of hip hop gods performing old classic tracks (with some exceptions to the rule) and making my dreams to come true. i will certainly look forward to more wu tang clan concerts in my region as i would not only like just to reminisce those significant moments bur also refresh them from time to time. i will not however fell too sad if i don't see them again live on stage. the wu spirit will live in me forever.

thank you wu-tang clan.

peace from slovenia.

edit: i almost forgot. i also got a chance to hear an exclusive 8 diagrams snippet. i noticed that mef is definitely hungry and ready to rock the tracks with his lines. i think that i heard just mef out of the wu tang clan + some unknown (to me) guest appearances. rza stated that album is coming out this fall.

check DVD section for whole concert. worth downloading.

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