Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wu-Tang Productions present Killa Beez: The Sting [2002]

01: Intro
02: Killa Beez (Wu-Tang Clan feat. Blue Raspberry & Suga Bang Bang)
03: Out Think Me Now (Solomon Childs)
04: Bar Mitzvah (Black Knights)
05: Doe Rae Wu (RZA feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard)
06: Bluntz, Martiniz, Girlz & Gunz (Holocaust)
07: Dancing With Wolves (Killarmy feat. Prodigal Sunn)
08: Spend Money (Lord Superb feat. Intrigue)
09: Take Up Space (Lord Superb feat. Solomon Childs)
10: Rollin' (Black Knights feat. RZA)
11: Get at Me (Two On Da Road feat. Bapteest, Shyheim & Black Knights)
12: Spit That G (Cappadonna feat. Solomon Childs, Two On Da Road, Suga Bang Bang & Timbo King)
13: Woodchuck (Black Knights feat. Timbo King, Meko the Pharaoh & Cilvaringz)
14: G.A.T. (Northstar feat. Black Knights, Solomon Childs, Shyheim & 12 O'Clock)
15: Hatin' Don't Pay (C.C.F. Division feat. P. Dot & Bapteest)
16: When You Come Home (Shyheim feat. Doc Doom)
17: K.B. Ridin' (Wu-Tang Clan feat. Prodigal Sunn, Suga Bang Bang & ShaCronz)

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Kim said...

Some versions also come with a 6-track bonus disc that, amongst others, include some RZA tracks.