Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Conz aka Ill Lyricist - Unreleased And Remixes Vol. 1 [2004]

01. Hell Yeah Remix Feat Nivek & Young Smoke (Produced by Conz)
02. Knock Ya Block Off Feat Lyricipher (Original) (Produced by Conz)
03. Lord What Did I Do Wrong (Produced by Kevlaar 7)
04. Ny State of Mind by Nas (Produced by Conz)
05. Round & Round Feat Kevlaar 7 (Lost Verse) (Produced by Conz)
06. The Darkside (Produced by Conz)
07. Champs Feat Jewelz Dez Tha Reason Young Smoke and Mace Loc (Produced by Conz)
08. Downfall (Produced by Conz)
09. Pinky Ring by the Wu Tang Clan (Produced by Conz)
10. Every Word Feat Mordekai & Revisionist (Produced by Conz)
11. Freestyle
12. Gritty Windlock (Produced by Bronze Nazareth)
13. In the Rain (Produced by 9th Wonder Rearranged)
14. In My Lifetime (Lost Version) (Produced by Conz)
15. Can I Talk to You (Original) (Produced by Cheef)
16. Freestyle (Produced by 9th Wonder Rearranged By Conz)
17. I Cant Lose (Original Version) (Produced by Conz)
18. Lounge Mode (Produced by Conz)

Excelente produccion de Conz un productor poco conocido pero que ha realizado excelentes trabajos, aqui acompañado de Kevlaar 7 y Bronze Nazareth of The Uknown, liricas explicitas sonidos crudos, para darle sintonia al oido, listen now


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