Thursday, February 25, 2010

G-Clef Da Mad Komposa - Drama Breaks Vol.1 (Sampler) [2004]

01- Assemble Your Horizon (Snippet)
02- Diamond Minez (Snippet)
03- Blues Beat (Snippet)
04- Do the Wop (Snippet)
05- Brox (Snippet)
06- Chocolate Dollaz (Snippet)
07- Darn the Beat (Snippet)
08- Something Old (Snippet)
09- Desperate Clubba Thug (Snippet)
10- Evil Moment (Snippet)
11- Love Shizz (Snippet)
12- My Victory Not Yours (Full)
13- Sad Computer (Snippet)
14- Tympani Beat (Snippet)
15- Bassfunk Interlude (Snippet)

The follow-up to the popular G-Clef's Jazzy Breaks, which was originally released in the 1990's on 12" LP format. Here is some more recent beats and grooves by the master of the "live loop", G-Clef himself, of Wu-Tang and Ghetto Philharmonic fame. This is a sampler.

estas son solo los cortes de lo que iba ser este album (solo para coleccionistas)

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