Sunday, September 04, 2011


01: I Will Rise
02: Evil Bitches
03: Raised Cain
04: Grandfather Flow
05: Snatching Pocket Books
06: American Gangsters
07: Bring it Back
08: Song Cry
09: Heaven
10: Heist of the Recesssion
11: Gotta Get This Money
12: Love Hate
13: Young Godz II
14: Target Practice

Notes: Debut Instrumental release from the producer who has constructed critically acclaimed backdrops for artists like William Cooper, Killarmy's 9th Prince, Shyheim, Timbo King, Nature, RZA, Kool G Rap and more. With the BP oil spill headlining every news channel and being one of the biggest environmental disasters, BP the producer, felt it was the perfect time to release a spill of his own. BP's 'The Spill' is a gut busting buffet of 14 Instrumentals from William Cooper of Black Market Militia's nominated "Beware of the Pale Horse", 9th Prince of Killarmy's "Revenge of the 9th Prince" and Shyheim's "Disrespectfully Speaking". All in all, 'The Spill' is a hip-hop treat that is geared towards beat junkies and MC's.


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