Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dom Pachino - 4 Security Reasons [2006]

01: It's My Turn
02: Do it Myself
03: Gunz Out (feat. Infinite)
04: Brotherhood (feat. Just Da Barber)
05: Gangsta Lean (feat. Chi Chi)
06: We Don't Need (feat. Crunch Lo)
07: Say Ya Prayers (feat. Golden Child)
08: Hardbody (feat. Crunch Lo)
09: N.Y. Monstas (feat. Shyheim & Hasstyle)
10: New Thingz

REUPLOAD: The P.R. Terrorist Project Dom Pachino responds to fans' requests for him to bring some of that old grittiness back with this special project! If you liked Tera Iz Him, you will love this!

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