Friday, October 19, 2012


Artist: Hell Razah
Album:  The Galactic Leyline vol. 1

Genre       : Hip-Hop
Date        : Oct-16-2012
Year        : 2012
Quality     : 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Songs       : 30
Playtime    : 85:15 min
Size        : 195,7 MB
Type        : Bootleg/Mixtape

[ ReleaseNotes ]

in the same vein as "Holocaust - The Devils of Kimon",
this compliation focuses on one of the most elite of
the Wu-tang Killa Beez, Hell Razah.  Broken into 2
Volumes, The Galactic Leyline mixtape showcases Razah's
youger "Hell" days with vol 1, while vol. 2 will show the
"Heaven" or older side of Razah.  Razah suffered a Brain
Aneurysm back in April of 2010 and has since been focusing
on his recovery.

Razah's standing strong, and improving daily.  And while we
wait for his return, I bring you:

Hell Razah - The Galactic Leyling vol 1 Compliation..

Mixed and Arranged by Hagakure
shouts to my brother BND/UB on the Artwork.

For Promotional Use Only,

[ GroupNews ]

Peace to BD1, CLX, KS, WSS, BND, BYN, WBK

[ Tracklist ]

01.Armageddon (Galactic Leyline Intro)
02.5th Arch Angel
03.Da Last Future
04.Deep in the Water
05.Writing Rhymes with a Liquid Pen
06.Bring Back the MIC
07.Who are the Sunz? feat. Killah Priest & 60 Sec. Assassin
08.Wicked Ways feat. Killah Priest
09.Mind as a Weapon
10.No Love Without Hate feat. Killah Priest
11.Bloody Choices feat. Prodigal Sunn
12.Tai Chi feat. Killah Priest
13.United Kings feat. Armel
15.Concrete Jungle feat. Timbo King & Prodigal Sunn
16.The Sun of Man
17.Phychic Hot Line
18.What Gangstaz Do feat. Kinetic
19.Next up feat. Method Man
20.Pleasure or Pain feat. U-God
21.Illusions feat. Masta Killa & Prodigal Sunn
22.The Plan
23.Wake Up feat. Killa Sin
24.We Made It feat. Ghostface KIllah
25.Grey Goose
26.Hip Hop Fury
27.Feel Like an Enemy
28.Crash Your Crew feat. GZA & Ol' Dirty Bastard
29.Street Opera feat. Killah Priest
30.'95 Freestyle (Bonus Track)

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