Sunday, November 25, 2012


Artist: Heaven Razah
Album:  The Galactic Leyline Vol. 2

Genre       : Hip-Hop
Date        : Nov-24-2012
Year        : 2012
Quality     : 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Songs       : 32
Playtime    : 105:35 min
Size        : 242,3 MB
Type        : Bootleg/Mixtape

[ ReleaseNotes ]

in the same vein as "Holocaust - The Devils of Kimon",
this compliation focuses on one of the most elite of
the Wu-tang Killa Beez, Hell Razah.  Broken into 2
Volumes, The Galactic Leyline mixtape showcases Razah's
youger "Hell" days with vol 1, while vol. 2 will show the
"Heaven" or older side of Razah.  Razah suffered a Brain
Aneurysm back in April of 2010 and has since been focusing
on his recovery.

Razah's standing strong, and improving daily.  And while we
wait for his return, I bring you:

Heaven Razah - The Galactic Leyline vol 2 Compliation..

Mixed and Arranged by Hagakure
shouts to my brother BND/UB on the Artwork.

For Promotional Use Only,

[ GroupNews ]

Peace to BD1, CLX, KS, WSS, BND, BYN, WBK

[ Tracklist ] or white feat. armel
02.kicks of raziel
03.who gonna die next?
04.underground to da heavens dope spoons
06.honey tree feat. 12 o'clock
07.painted jezebels
08.malodic pt. ii
09.barder's chair feat. timbo king
11.millineuim warfare
12.renaissance ages
13.dearly beloved feat. killah priest & shabazz the disciple
14.under the wing feat. shabazz the disciple
15.god's violence feat. shabazz the disciple powered emcees feat. killah priest
17.after birth
18.three kings feat. kevlaar 7
19.gunz, oil & drugz (in god we trust)
20.the invasion
21.stir of echoes of heaven razah
23.heavenly verses pt. 1
24.heavenly verses pt. 2 feat. king david
25.righteous soldiers
26.writing's on the wall feat. grand puba
27.the book of 7 fists
28.goon opera/hallowed be thy name feat. kool g. rap & sean price
30.get well feat. timbo king
31.boombox saints (heavenly verses pt. 3)
32.rising feat. prodigal sunn (bonus)

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