Sunday, December 02, 2012

Kevlaar 7 And Woodenchainz - Sophisticated Movement [2012]

01. Sophisticated Movement (Intro)
02. Sophisticated Movement (Ft. Shake Cee and the Wise-Kids)
03. Detroit’s Agony
04. Ask About Me (Ft. Styles P and Bronze Nazareth)
05. Responsibility (Interlude)
06. At Last
07. Life’s on the Clock (Ft. Rain the Quiet Storm)
08. El-Dog Music (Interlude)
09. We Ain’t Gonna Die (Ft. Illahdayz of the Wisemen)
10. It Be that Way (Shining) (Ft. Willie Waze, S-Class Sonny and June Megalodon of the Wisemen)
11. Boulevard Article 2 (Ft. DJ Tricky)
12. Amerikka’s Nightmare (Interlude)
13. Why
14. La, La, La
15. A New Day (Outro)

NEW: After the good Die Ageless , Kevlaar 7 stikes back with Sophisticated Movement teaming up with the producer Woodenchainz. Enjoy this Fresh release, real hip hop right there.
Remember that wu is forever

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