Friday, January 11, 2013

Wulords - Wuology Art of War [2011]

01. Darkness (Ft. Felonious Denmark)
02. Sound Check (Ft. Ghostface Killah)
03. War Bells
04. Unbreakable Victory Celebration
05. Hard Body
06. Enemy (Ft. Dev Storm, B-Sniph & Benz Blade)
07. Cappa Swag (Ft. Cappadonna)
08. Samurai Swordz
09. Heist (Ft. B-Sniph & Benz Blade)
10. Foster Child
11. Foster Child Pt.2 (Ft. Art of War)
12. Wu Vs. Chu
13. Backstage (Ft. Alchemist)
14. Lesson #1 (Ft. Art of War)
15. God Hour


NEW: All the members aren't revealed however, the WuLords do have a face; Three members known as the Messengers. Deadly lyrical experts that are  protected by The Assassins. They are protected because the hold the message and the key to self awareness and spiritual longevity. The Messengers   
are Z1 Nation, Lord Elite, and D.I.G.I. Shotgun.
Having mostly skips and interlude from Wu-Tang Clan members this cd serves as an appetizer for their upcoming albums divided into chapters. Special Note : The cd actually has 4 more tracks than the tracklist shown in the back cover.</

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