Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fes Taylor - After The Storm [2013]

01. This is My Life (Produced by Chris Stylez)
02. Back from the Dead (Ft. Splash Lyfe Dolla, Produced by Beats on
03. So Far (Ft. AC, Produced by Falling Down)
04. Use to Be (Ft. Guordon, Produced by Davgainz)
05. Danger (Ft. Squeegie O, Produced by Level 13)
06. Airport Bridges (Ft. Late, Produced by Falling Down)
07. Ever Last (Ft. Steff Reed, Produced by Level 13)
08. Family Affair (Produced by Pete Rock)
09. Ridin Right (Ft. Haph, Prod by Irish Moss)
10. Everything (Produced by Falling Down)
11. Live it Up (Ft. Dro Pesci, Produced by Falling Down)
12. Real Deal (Ft. Jay-Z, Produced BY Chris Stylez)
13. Rock N Roll (Ft. Justin Time, Produced by C4)
14. So Official (Ft. Buggoti Bomb MS Whitney, Produced by Fli
15. Vibe Wit Me (Produced by Falling Down)
16. Sun Shower (Produced Falling Down)
17. Across 110th St. (Ft. Bobby Womack)

NEW: Only a few months have passed since Hurricane Sandy’s rage hit NYC, and the impact of the storm lingers on. However, no natural disaster seems to be powerful enough to stop the torrential output of Staten Island All-Star Fes Taylor. The prolific Chambermusik artist responsible for classic albums like “Moneta” & “Flight 10304″ delivers 17 tracks of emotion and street knowledge that have helped Taylor build his loyal international fanbase. Featuring production from Chris Stylez, Falling Down and other familiar names, with a revolving cast of guest appearances, Taylor still remains the star of his record, thanks to his time-honored story-telling and cinematic vision. A must-grab for fans one of the most reliable faces of the underground

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