Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Chapel - Basic Thoughts [2004]

01: Intro
02: Party Time
03: Impeccable
04: Champagne Buzzed
05: Born Wild Criminals (feat. Trom)
06: Basic Thoughts
07: Skit
08: Official
09: Dis a New Flow
10: Don't Buckle (feat. Wise)
11: Everything (feat. Monique)
12: Commercial Status
13: Skit
14: Cruelty (feat. Shamrock)
15: Hunger (feat. Phenom Figgaz & Dilligence)
16: I Love U (Uncle Charlie R.I.P.)
17: No Question
18: Outro

REUPLOAD: Straight out of Team Napalm comes Chapel. You know he got  that military flavor like his general Dom Pachino. Most people know him for his production on the Puerto Rican Terrorist solos, but Chapel is also ill on the mic. His 18 track solo debut will blow you away.all songs produced by chapel/140 productions for chapel entertainment.  #Rnotes


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Kim said...

Title track is ill! 'Official' is a banger too. 'Party time' had a good beat, but the hook and some of the lyrics were trash. Glad I got to hear the album. I had been looking for it for a few years... Good looks on the upload!